Associated Websites

WAAS - The World Academy of Art & Science

Cadmus Journal - A journal for fresh thinking and new perspectives that integrate knowledge from all fields of science, art and humanities to address real-life issues, inform policy and decision-making, and enhance our collective response to the challenges and opportunities facing the world today.

SEED-Ideas - A platform for the membership of all WAAS, COR & Pugwash to project new ideas that can change the world, Real-Ideas that possess their own inherent power for self-effectuation, ideas that can lead to actions to enlarge human and social capital, increase harmony and social cohesion, and assure a sustainable future for all humanity.

MSS Research - Research division of The Mother's Service Society (India) whose objectives include a wide range of educational and research activities with particular emphasis on social science research in the field of socio-economic development.

Smacademia - An interdisciplinary online magazine by a group of students of the Sustainable Development MSc at Uppsala University in Sweden.